The amazing Team of Bike Basque


Xavier Lopez, owner of Bike Basque

Xavier, originally a Parisian, has spent most of his holidays in the Basque Country and the Pyrenees, thanks to his family who lives in the region and because he owns a “pied a terre” in Biarritz. Thanks to that he got the idea to build Bike Basque in 2013, and then launch Echappee Cycling Tours in 2023, since then has organized more than 80 trips for almost 400 customers coming from all over the world. Loving to take care of his clients, made them discover amazing routes, hotels & restaurants, and making sure they’re spending a trip they will never forget. He’s taking part of some races from time to time, like the Haute Route Alps 2022 finishing 15 on the GC.

Nigel Hale Hunter

Nigel loves cycling, exploring and being on the move, put them together and he is in heaven. He used to do mountain biking marathons at a national level, and also competed in MTB and road racing. A qualified Level 3 ABCC Cycling Coach and an MIAS Mountain Bike Guide and Leader, he loves the freedom and adventure that cycling gives him and wants to help others experience the same. Originally from UK, he lived 10 years in Switzerland and now lives in France, with his dog “Bear”.

Constantin Bartels

Being on two wheels, sharing all sorts of adventures with his wife is what makes Constantin happiest. Sometimes they do races, sometimes they do some bike packing, but mainly they love to just ride their bikes whenever and wherever they can. Exploring, seeing new places and meeting wonderful people along the way. Between guiding, working in a bike rental and nutrition coaching there is enough to be busy. But a different kind of busy to a previous life working in surgical wards ! Born in Germany, he spent most of his life in Ireland, and lately has been spending his winters in sunny Gran Canaria. He speaks English and German, and also some Spanish and French.

Ewa Maria Bartels

When she isn’t  cooking up the most delightful storm you might ever want to be caught up in, chances are she’s on a bike, husband in tow. Laughing and smiling her way across the landscapes, taking joy in the littlest and the biggest of things. From the solitary flower to the vast stretching mountain range, snapping pictures and creating memories to cherish over and over. Originally from Poland, she lived in Ireland for 15 years, working in a wide range of positions within hospitality and gym management. She speaks Polish, English, Spanish.

Lorenzo Berlincioni

Half Italian half Californian, born and raised in Florence, Italy, Lorenzo discovered an immense love for cycling early on in life.
Road, mountain, urban and gravel, you name it. After his studies in medical biotechnologies, he decided to change careers and pursue his passion for cycling. He spends half of the year in the Bay Area and half in Italy as a bike tour guide and bike mechanic.

After several years working for many leading bike tour companies he has acquired extensive knowledge and experience in the cycling industry. When he’s not working you’ll probably find him planning his next cycling adventure.