Others Cycling Tours

Bike Basque doesn’t only propose Cycling Tours and bike rental in the Basque Country. Our expertise over the years and our amazing knowledgeable staff allow us to propose Cycling holidays all over France. It is why we have created Echappee Cycling Tours. Keeping the same philosophy than Bike Basque, amazing cycling, gorgeous food, comfy stay and unforgettable memories.

Here what Echappee Cycling Tours proposes:

The beautiful and quiet Raid Pyrenees, from Biarrtz to Perpignan, over 8 days/7 nights,  climbing among others, the Tourmalet, the Aubisque & the Aspin.
Raid Pyrenees

The high and historic Alps, from Thonon les Bains to Nice over 9 nights/8 nights, climbing the Cormet de Roselend, Galibier, Glandon and of course the Alpe d’Huez.
Raid Alps

And many more, like in Burgundy or Bordeaux, all these others Cycling Tours can be found here.