The sale and commercial relation with BIKE BASQUE will be protected and governed under french law.

1.Cancellation by the client:

If the client cancels their cycling holiday with Bike Basque for any reason then any refund of money will be paid as follows:

-More than 2 months before the departure, BIKE BASQUE will reimburse 100% of your payment.

-Inbetween 2 months & 1 month before the departure, BIKE BASQUE will reimburse 50% of your payment.

-Less than 1 month before the departure, BIKE BASQUE has no obligation to reimburse you.

If the trip is cancelled by BIKE BASQUE, 100% of the amount you have previously paid, would be reimbursed.

If a client cancels his/her booking but wishes to simply move the date of their holiday then “Bike Basque” will try to find him/her a replacement cycling holiday in the same calendar year but cannot guarantee this. If both parties cannot agree on a mutually convenient date then normal cancellation fees will apply as per the above scale

2. Cancellation by Bike Basque:

If for any reason Bike Basque must cancel a holiday, Bike Basque will try to find the client an identical holiday at another time and date in the same calendar year. If we cannot find a new date that is convenient to the client, then Bike Basque will reimburse the client 100% of the booking price.

3.Insurance :

If you have to leave the trip for any reason (crash, personnal reasons…), BIKE BASQUE has no obligation to reimburse you the rest of the week, it is why we highly advise our customers to purchase their own travel insurance (including cancellation, medical expenses, emergency assistance in EU…).
The road-bikes “Scott Addict R20 Disc” that Bike Basque are renting, are insured against thiefs and broken parts. This insurance is already included in the price of the rental, and last for the duration of it. 

4. Transportation:

Transport, be it from the airport, train station or otherwise, to and from your holiday accommodation is not included.
Bike Basque can however advise you on the most convenient ways of travelling to our accommodation, please see our F.AQ. section for more details or alternatively please do not hesitate to contact us.

5. Damages:

Bike Basque takes no responsibility for any damages or injuries incurred by our guests to their bikes/equipments. In the case of any damages or injuries please ensure you liaise directly with your travel insurance company.

Bike Basque has got a professional insurance with the company GROUPAMA (contract number: 41215472 001), covering any damages or injuries if Bike Basque is responsible of such events.

6. Risks:

By purchasing a cycling trip with BIKE BASQUE, you’re agreeing that cycling is an outside sport and can be dangerous, thereby BIKE BASQUE can’t be responsible for any bad weather, crash, injury or health problem during one of their organisation, also you have to make sure that you are capable of intending a trip with BIKE BASQUE.
Also, if you bring your own bike, make sure the tyres, brakes, cables and chain are in good condition and fully ready for the cycling trip you are taking part.