1.Cancellation by the client:

If the client cancels their cycling holiday with Bike Basque for any reason then any refund of monies will be paid as follows:
-70% of the total booking price paid will be reimbursed if the holiday is cancelled 12 weeks or more before the first day of the holiday.
-40% of the total booking price paid will be reimbursed if the holiday is cancelled between 4 and 12 weeks before the first day of the holiday.
-20% of the total booking price paid will be reimbursed if the holiday is cancelled between 4 weeks and the first day of the holiday.
If a client cancels his/her booking but wishes to simply move the date of their holiday then “Bike Basque” will try to find him/her a replacement cycling holiday in the same calendar year but cannot guarantee this. If both parties cannot agree on a mutually convenient date then normal cancellation fees will apply as per the above scale

2. Cancellation by Bike Basque:

If for any reason Bike Basque must cancel a holiday, Bike Basque will try to find the client an identical holiday at another time and date in the same calendar year. If we cannot find a new date that is convenient to the client, then Bike Basque will reimburse the client 100% of the booking price.

3.Insurance :

It is a requirement that each guest provides Bike Basque with a copy of their travel/international insurance documents, valid for the duration of their stay. Bike Basque reserves the right to cancel a booking if insurance documents are not provided within 30 days of the date of booking.
A named insurance for each client will be asked. If that attestation of insurance is not given at the society “Bike Basque” in 30 days from the booked day, the society “Bike Basque”, might be cancel the booking. This kind of cancellation will be classed as a “client cancellation”, so any refund due would be determined by the scale set out in condition 2 below.
You can find this kind of insurance on Cyclosure.co.uk specializing in cycling insurance.

4. Transportation:

Transport, be it from the airport, train station or otherwise, to and from your holiday accommodation is not included.
Bike Basque can however advise you on the most convenient ways of travelling to our accommodation, please see our F.AQ. section for more details or alternatively please do not hesitate to contact us.

5. Damages:

Bike Basque takes no responsibility for any damages or injuries incurred by our guests or their bikes/equipment . In the case of any damages or injuries please ensure you liaise directly with your travel insurance company.
In the case of a broken bike frame, our partners at DarosaBikes.fr may be able to lend a bike free of charge for the remainder of your stay (subject to availability).

6. Risk:

Upon booking a training camp the client agrees and understands that there are inherent risks when cycling , running or swimming and that Bike Basque will not be held responsible for any injuries, crashes or damage to equipment sustained by the client during the camp.

7. Age limit:

Our training camps are only available to people aged 18 years or over.
Non-participating guests, whatever their ages, are welcome.

8. The Training Camp Duration:

Each camp is run over a period of 7 days and 7 nights, beginning in the majority of cases on Tuesdays from 5.00 pm until the following
Tuesday at 11.00 am.
Rooms must be vacated by 11.00 am on the day of your departure.
Please contact us in advance if you are unable to arrive by the appropriate time.